• Order Fulfillment

  • How long will it take for my order to ship?
    We ship almost daily (Mon-Friday, excluding major holidays). You can expect your order to ship within 3-5 business days (NOT including weekends) and it should arrive within 5-7 business days. If it has taken longer than that and still has not arrived, please contact us at info@mashibox.com.

    Please note that if we are experiencing a high volume of orders, it may take us an additional 3-8 business days to ship.

    If you need your order by a certain date, please send us an email ASAP to make sure we can get it out on time.

  • Can I change my address?

    If we haven't shipped your order yet, then we can change your address. Make sure to email us immediately and include your order number and the new address you would like to change it to. This will prevent our team from accidentally shipping out your order.

  • I no longer want my order. Can I cancel it?
    Please contact us within 24 hours to cancel your order.

    If you contact us outside of the 24 hour mark, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cancel your order (depending on whether it got shipped yet or not). We get dozens of emails daily and cannot guarantee that we will catch your email and be able to cancel your order outside of the 24 hour range.

    When emailing, please provide us with your order number to make the cancellation process faster. 

  • Where do you ship from?
    We are located in the Bay Area and will ship from California!

  • Can you ship internationally?
    Due to customers filing claims for international orders taking too long, or complaining about high shipping fees (even though we only charge you what it costs us),  we are no longer providing international shipping as an option at this time.

  • Why are some items titled "RARE?"
    We are slowly branching into more providing more exotic snacks, meaning these snacks are rare and will be very hard (if not impossible) to find in-stores in the U.S. These usually are exclusive items that we get imported directly from Asia. These snacks are for the adventurous eater that's willing to splurge a little bit to have a truly unique and fun eating experience.

    Please note that by the end of 2022, all exotic snacks will be transitioned to exoticsnackdealer.com, with increased prices. The prices we have currently are discounted rates for our Mashi customers. Once we fully make the transition, prices will go back to market rates.

  • How much do I have to spend to get free snacks?
    Almost every order comes with free candies or snacks! We try our best to include some in every package, but it is not a guarantee. We might miss some here and there due to human error, but please be mindful that they are freebies and we are not obligated to give any. It's something fun that we like to do, but we may consider discontinuing it if we continue to receive emails saying you didn't receive any freebies or didn't receive enough freebies.

  • Why haven't you responded to my email or DM?
    There is only one of me, so I am not able to respond to all emails right away. We get lots of emails and questions through our inbox daily so please allow 1-3 business days for us to get back to you.

    Please note that we get hundreds of DM's and comments on our social media platforms and are unable to monitor each and every one. If you need assistance with your order, please send us an email at info@mashibox.com. 

  • Why did I get a refund for an item I didn't request a refund for?
    That is an out of stock refund notification. Due to human error, we sometimes oversell items we have listed on our website. When this happens, we refund you for the item because we no longer have that product in stock to ship to you. We don't have an automated way of sending out of stock item notices, so our item refund notices serve as an out of stock notice.

  • My snack popped in transit/got damaged, what can I do?

    Please send us an email with the pictures of the damaged items. Depending on the situation, we will either refund you or send a replacement.

  • My snack melted. Can you send me a new one?

    We do not have control over the weather and thus are unable to refund or replace items that got melted in transit. We ask that you be mindful of the weather in your area when purchasing.


  • Do you do wholesale orders for companies or special occasions/events?
    Yes! Please contact us at info@mashibox.com or through our "Contact Us" page with specifics of your order (i.e. item you want to wholesale, order quantity, etc) and we can get a custom listing up for you!


  • Can you film my order on TikTok? or How do I know if my order will get filmed on TikTok?
    We try our best to film every order requested, however, due to the high volume of requests (and human error) may miss your request so we cannot guarantee that it will get filmed. 

  • Why didn't I get as many freebies as the order I saw on TikTok?
    Please remember that we are not obligated to give out freebies; they are FREE. We try to include some in every package, but sometimes are unable to due to human error or weight limitations. We've mentioned it in several of our videos, but orders that are chosen to be filmed on TikTok get extra freebies.